Our Latin American Leadership Team is diverse, highly skilled and experienced marketers, who bring substantial in-country experience to the International Business Development planning and execution process. The combination of formal business training with cultural familiarity leads to insightful strategic recommendations and execution.


Jose C. Carvalho

José C. Carvalho is a Partner at the LatinCo and serves as the Executive Vice President; Mr. Carvalho also serves as a key member of the LatinCo's Advisory Board.

In the 1980's, Mr. Carvalho was President and CEO of J.C. Consulting Ltd., an operations management-consulting firm dedicated to serving numerous Brazilian enterprises, including Coca Cola, The Coffin Group (Coke Bottler), The Brazilian Industries Associates, VIPART, as well as C.I.E.C. In addition, Mr. Carvalho led the strategic planning and campaign development and execution of Senator Dr. Jones Santos Neves, a constituent to Brazil's National Congress, where Senator Neves was elected and re-elected for a second term.

As President and Board Member of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Vitória, Espirito Santo state, Mr. Carvalho founded and pioneered the bottling and marketing efforts, as well as introduced and oversaw the company's line of products into this important Brazilian state (pop. of 4 million people). He built this operation into a 500 employee enterprise, with 10,000 customers, and increased sales revenues from US $450K in 1966 to US$20MM in 1982, and estimated US$150MM in 2014. At present, this Coke franchise sells approximately 45 million unit cases of Coke products.

Prior to founding Coke in Espirito Santo, Brazil, Mr. Caravalho served as a Sales Manager for the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, responsible for a large territory of 4,100 customers, and sales of 1.2 million unit cases of Coke products. He also held numerous positions, including promotions manager, sales supervisor, and route salesman.

Mr. José C. Carvalho studied Business Administration at Salesianos College, in Rio de Janeiro, and in addition to his native Portuguese language, Mr. Carvalho is also fluent in Spanish. He serves as a Board Director for several Brazilian Companies, including the State's Industry Association.