We offer a highly specialized set of international business development services with a single mission in mind: Helping our Clients build the infrastructure needed for a long term, sustainable and profitable business in the key markets of Latin America.

When you establish a relationship with us at LatinCo, we will take your business through the entire market development expansion process: from a Market Opportunity Assessment to Strategy Formation, to our Business Plan Development and all the way through its Implementation process, … from assessment to planning to successful sales.

Should your business expansion needs require more specific services, we offer solutions and services targeted towards different tasks and needs in the expansion process. See our "Americas Expander Solution" page for details on these LatinCo services.

Market Insights
and Opportunity Studies Services

LatinCo provides various degrees of export market insights depending on the product and industry of interest. A detailed, comprehensive report is compiled with an emphasis on market information, competitive analysis, price points, and other relevant issues and opportunities.

Latinco Insights

Strategy Formation

LatinCo will assess your business opportunities, then identify, qualify, and partner with our in-country strategic alliance members for the execution of our services. And, through LatinCo's Partner Selection Program as well as LatinCo's systematic marketing approach, LatinCo will steer efforts towards Sales and Distribution. The following outlines our unique process:

  1. Definition of need: Clients needs and objectives will be carefully evaluated to determine the nature of each project. LatinCo will gather relevant information and will determine a course of action that will allow the client to meet its international expansion objectives.
  2. Identification: LatinCo's vast network of relationships will help identify a possible distributor through our "LatinCoNET," Industry Players and trade analysis program.
  3. Qualification: To qualify an alliance, LatinCo will analyze the company's profiles (including its product lines, company history, reputation in the marketplace, as well as its existing infrastructure). LatinCo will also analyze the company's financial stability through a comprehensive credit investigation. In addition, LatinCo will contract the company's clients for reference points and will ensure proper due diligence.
  4. LatinCo Client - Partner Courtship: To guide your relationship with a strategic alliance partner, LatinCo will organize an introductory meeting and arrange a visit to the potential partner's headquarters. LatinCo will explore synergies and mutually beneficial opportunities as well as assist with term sheets and contract negotiations.

Business Plan Implementation

Once we have thoroughly understood your objectives concerning your products and/or services, LatinCo will develop a comprehensive Action Business Plan, based on our real world experience and the knowledge that our Leadership Team brings.

This is the stage where our experience takes place, ... focused on "results."

We will:

  • Evaluate the Business and Assess the Market Opportunity.
  • Create a successful business development strategy.
  • Develop strategic alliances within the targeted areas.
  • Conduct a thorough valuation and assist with the Mergers & Acquisition process.
  • Develop the steps to advance gradually through the Sales & Distribution process.
  • Reinforce steps, with the input of a team of associates, located in strategic locations within Latin America and who possess an extensive knowledge of current local conditions in these areas.
  • Test the market impact, position of, and the re-positioning of products and/or services.
  • Establish direct sales relationships with key accounts in each region.
  • Report and follow-up with on-going contact between clients and the team in place.
  • Secure long-term success and profitability for our clients.
  • Establish strong relationships with distributors and customers.
  • Train future staff members and ensure continued success.
  • Ensure that the products and/or services meet compliance needs.

Additional Services

LatinCo's value added proposition is not limited to the above mentioned services.