Latinco's proven success

LatinCo has been instrumental in the successful completion of several strategic Mergers & Acquisitions for several key clients, including Coca-Cola Bottlers, Bosch-Siemens, J.P. Morgan Chase Vastera, Hussman Corporation, Coin Acceptors, and Royal Vendors. Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our successful achievements:


- Was instrumental in the development of Latin American infrastructures—for marketing, sales, and post-sale services—for numerous Software and Hardware enterprises, including J.P. Morgan Chase Vastera, UPS Logistics Technology, Numerex, Salient Corporation, and SkyWire.

- Provided valuable assistance to American Airlines, positioning them as a leading Latin American carrier, by creating relationships with a highly exclusive California marketing research firm “Strategic Vision, Inc.”

- Strategically assisted the Wendy’s Group, in its expansion into Brazil, as well as in its development of strategic franchises.

- Has cultivated instrumental on-going relationships with the Coca-Cola system, Coke Latin America, and key Coca-Cola bottling groups. LatinCo has been instrumental in the development and execution of strategic projects in the areas of Fountain, Vending, Promotions, Procurement, Software, and bottling Mergers & Acquisitions.

- Is uniquely recognized as “The Vending Machine Business Expert of Latin America.” LatinCo has pioneered the launch of the vending machine business in the Latin American region, via solid consulting relationships with numerous clients. Including Coca-Cola, Royal Vendors, Coin Acceptors, and Automatic Products.

- Cultivated on-going management consulting relationships with numerous corporations, in their efforts to become suppliers of the Coca-Cola system, and other Food & Beverage organizations, in Latin America. LatinCo assisted the following companies: Display Technologies, Chicago Lock & Key, Dalb Corporation, Polyvend, Waterlogic, Everpure, Hussman, Electrolux of Sweden, Metalfrio of Brazil, Plasticos Pisani, SerVend Fountain, Manitowoc, and Femsa Packaging of Mexico.

- Positioned Femsa Packaging of Mexico (a subsidiary of the group Femsa) as a strategic supplier to Coca-Cola Enterprises in the U.S. LatinCo was able to successfully facilitate the development of this exclusive relationship.

LatinCo’s Investment banking & M&A Transactions:

- Led a group of Coke bottlers from South Africa to become a major bottler in Brazil, in a joint venture effort with Coca-Cola RENOSA. This group is currently the third largest Coke Bottler in Brazil.

- Served as an instrumental Consultant in leading Coca-Cola RENOSA to acquire its minority partner, Mr. W Sweet as well as the Coke bottlers of Maranhão.

- Successfully represented Coca-Cola CIAL (The Vieira Group) in the sale of its franchise territories of Maceió and Aracajú, Brazil. (Operation Jangada)

- Successfully led the sale of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of the Dominican Republic, to be acquired by Coca-Cola BEPENSA of Mexico. (Operation Don Quixote)

- Instrumental in the successful sale of a minority shareholder of Coca-Cola Norsa (The Aragão Family) to the Coca-Cola Company. (Operation Capivara)

- Successfully led the sale of 40% of Coca-Cola SOROABA’s share to be sold to Coca-Cola ANDINA.

- Lead successfully the sale of Coca-Cola Ipiranga of the Biagi family to Coca-Cola Andina (NYSE).

- Successfully negotiated the sale and the formation of Coca-Cola’s water Joint Venture representing a number of Coca-Cola Bottlers in the region.

- Served as conduits for the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, and exclusively positioned as Ambassadors for the Brazilian Olympic Committee, representing soccer legend Pelé (Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento), and COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee President, Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman.



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