To Strategically Lead our Clients in Expanding their Businesses into Brazil and Latin America; … in Direct Engagement with Major Customers and Local Strategic Partnerships. We deliver transformational Strategies, Relationships, and Results for the ever demanding international Clients.

Please see our LatinCo Approach Chart.


Established in 1988, the Latin American Company (LatinCo) remains to this day, as a privately held International Management Consulting Firm, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, LatinCo has stood behind its primary purpose – to lead businesses to profitably expand their operations into Brazil and Latin America, via its proprietary and unique process. Please see our "LatinCo's Expander Solution" for more information.

Latin American Company was founded by Ricardo C. Carvalho. Uniquely seasoned by The Coca-Cola Company, Mr. Carvalho is a true born Coca-Cola veteran. Having served as Coke’s Operations and Marketing executive since 1975, Mr. Carvalho has gained extensive experience, serving as a Bottling Company Executive as well as a Corporate Executive and a Senior Consultant in the USA and Latin America. Mr. Carvalho studied International Business in the United States and has earned his law degree, while studying and working in Brazil. Mr. Carvalho serves on several Corporate Boards.


  • To continually excel as the premier Latin American Business Development Consulting Enterprise, dedicated to expanding businesses to Latin America, … narrowing the gaps between the leading global markets and Latin America;
  • To promote the exchange of the Continent's unique resources;
  • To lead our clients towards profitability, providing key leadership positions in each region, and achieving clients' key objectives;