Our Values

Values represent what we believe in. The Latin American Company provides management and staff with direction – guiding the way we act and the way we perform on behalf of our distinguished clients. Our core values set the basis for the way we meet the objectives of our clients, and our own business objectives, the way we work with each other and the way we interact with clients, customers of our clients, partners, strategic associates, investors, our community, and others. It is our values that move us toward our vision. At The Latin American Company, we have seven core values:

  1. Respect: We respect all people, communicating clearly and acting with integrity and stewardship.

  2. Client focus: We are focused on our clients, and our clients’ businesses, through efficient, responsive and innovative services and solutions.

  3. Decisiveness: We make decisions, based on our best assessment of the situation, input from others, commitment, and a willingness to take action.

  4. Positive attitude: We maintain a positive attitude, with pride in the accomplishments of our clients and our company, our team and ourselves. We are excited and grateful about the future.

  5. Financial responsibility: We are financially responsible, spending and investing wisely, supporting business objectives and continually striving to add value.

  6. Balance: We strive for equilibrium in our daily work demands and in our personal and work lives. Operating with integrity every day is LatinCo’s commitment.

  7. Commitment: We are committed to doing business ethically and legally as the foundation for the company’s culture.