The Latin American Company's Corporate Advisors provide an objective, external perspective, while providing personal and strategic directions. They serve as Counsel to the Company's owners, and strategic direction. LatinCo is honored to have the following friends, as our Advisors:

  • Dr. Anil Menon: Now Director with the World Economic Forum, President of Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco and Cisco's Deputy Chief Globalization Officer, and former Senior Vice President of IBM. Dr. Menon was also Marketing Professor at Emory University in Atlanta.
  • Mr. Brian G. Dyson, President of Chatham International and former Vice Chairman and COO of The Coca-Cola Company, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, CEO of Coca-Cola North America, and President of Coca-Cola Mexico and Brazil.
  • Mr. Carlos Oliveira: Member of the Advisory Board since 2002, Carlos brings to our company and our clients his experience of a 30-years professional career in major multinational organizations of the Energy, Consumer Goods, Technology, Investment/Banking, Retail and Consulting Services Industries.
  • Mr. Glenn Wasser: Glenn is the Senior Director of the Idea Incubator at Oglethorpe University. Through 2017 Glenn Wasser was the Senior Vice President for Inbound Sales, Retention, and Outbound Telemarketing for Comcast Cable. Glenn joined Comcast in 1996, holding marketing and call center roles with increasing responsibility for customer acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Comcast, Glenn held senior management roles at Suntory Water Group, Canada Dry Beverages, The Honey Baked Ham Company and Coca-Cola North America.
  • Mr. Jeff Darrey, Founder & CEO of Marketing Associates/USA, located Tampa, Florida
  • Mrs. Lisa Mitchell Carvalho, Property Investment, Builder and Management, and Interior Designer since 1987.
  • Mr. Luiz Eduardo Caio Former Industrial Director at Metalfrio and Former Vice President of Operations for BSH Appliances (Bosch and Siemens),which led the spin-off process of BSH's Commercial Refrigeration business, which resulted in the creation of Metalfrio Solutions SA, of which he was President and CEO until 2013. Since 2014, Caio acts as board member and independent advisor of the companies: Art├ęsia (Private Equity), TNG (Fashion Retail), Restoque (Fashion Retail), Nasha Cosm├ęticos (Phytoervas and Giovanna Baby), Arxo (Oil and Gas) , Feral Metallurgica, BR Insurance and Theodora Home (E-commerce). He is also a member of the board of directors of APAE (Third sector, intellectual deficients).
  • Mr. Milo Cogan, Legal Counsel of the Latin American Company, partner at FSB Fisher Broyles, LLP, and COO of The Coromega Company.
  • Mr. Sy Francis: President of Francis & Company, a 35 year old premier accounting firm, located in the southeastern part of the U.S.