EXPANDER SOLUTION (TM) - Sales & Marketing Process

This is LatinCo's proprietary LatinCo Expander Solution model that we have developed as a basis for the types of services and solutions we offer. LatinCo Expander Solution is the umbrella under our International Business Development Solutions. We can provide two different approaches: International Strategic Coach℠ or Managed Services℠ for all the services. Below is the chart of how LatinCo's Expander Solution model can be adapted to fit your expansion needs by custom fitting each of the services below to your company. If you want more detail information on each of these services please contact us.

Expander Solution

  • 1. Assess Current Situation
  • 2. Establish Your Americas Expander Vision™
  • 3. Identify Obstacles
  • 4. Develop Strategies
  • 5. Design Americas Expander Plan™
  • 6. Review Americas Expander Toolbox™
  • 7. Identify Key Action Steps
  • 8. Develop Americas Expander Team™
  • 9. Implement Americas Expander Plan™
  • 10. Adjust Plan as Needed
  • 11. Implement Adjustments
  • 12. Review Progress Regularly
Expander Solution