Our Latin American Leadership Team is diverse, highly skilled and experienced marketers, who bring substantial in-country experience to the International Business Development planning and execution process. The combination of formal business training with cultural familiarity leads to insightful strategic recommendations and execution.

RICARDO C. CARVALHO, President and Founder

Ricardo Carvalho

Ricardo C. Carvalho is Founder and President of the Latin-American Company (LatinCo), a premier Atlanta-based international business development boutique consultancy serving a range of U.S. and international clients.

With 40 years of experience in international business development, operations and marketing, Ricardo has established himself as an expert in developing opportunities for dynamic operations, partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions−in pursuit of targeted strategic and financial objectives in Brazil and in other key markets of Latin America.

Under his leadership, the Latin-American Company has become one of the America's highly regarded Latin American consulting resource, since its founding in 1988. With a client base that includes The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, UPS-LT, Wendy’s and the most respected companies worldwide, Ricardo has grown the company the boutique consultancy of choice for those in pursuit of expanding in to Latin America.

Prior to founding LatinCo, Ricardo was a Market Development Executive at The Coca-Cola Company, in Atlanta, where he played a leading role in shaping the company's Latin-America market positioning. His early experiences at Coca-Cola, included operations, sales, marketing, business development and market development at the bottling company level−in his native country, Brazil, and then as manager of Coca-Cola's™ special operations (MIT) activities for Brazilian bottlers.

Leveraging these experiences, along with a strong work ethic and a commitment to human capital, as the primary driver of competitive excellence in the international marketing arena, Ricardo continues to build and enhance LatinCo's capabilities−with the expansion of Investment Banking and M&A ventures for Coke Bottlers globally and other blue chip companies. The LatinCo continues to serve as an unparalleled resource for business development in Brazil, Mexico and in Latin America.

Ricardo holds a law degree from the University of Vila Velha (UVV) in Brazil, as well as Business Administration studies from Oglethorpe University, in Atlanta. He is a senior member of the prestigious Strategic Coach Master’s program for entrepreneurs since 1999, and continuing education programs at Harvard University. Ricardo is fluent in Portuguese, his native language, Spanish, and English.

Ricardo serves as Co-Founder & Chairman of Auto-O-Matik, Ltda. a leading Vending Operation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as the Director of the following Corporate Boards: The Coromega Company a U.S. natural supplements manufacturer; Diaz Foods the leading distributor of U.S.-Latino foods and beverages; GreyGhost Ventures Foundation dedicated to micro credit programs worldwide. He is a Director of the Board of Trustees of Oglethrope University and a Advisory Board member for Centro Fox alongside former President of Mexico, Mr. Vicente Fox. A Triathlete since 1984, Ricardo also volunteers on the Brazilian Olympic Committee, in which he served as an Ambassador during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.