International Business Consulting specialized in
the Strategic Expansion of Businesses into Latin American
and Investment Banking / M&A Transactions


In valuing a business, we prepare realistic projections of "Free Cash Flow" with a high level of confidence in the assumptions that are used to model the business. Out method equates the value of the business to its future cash flows, based on an appropriate investor "hurdle rate."


With its’ vast network of expert, and well established industry specific Strategic Associate Alliances throughout North and South America, LatinCo has established over one hundred business introductions into the key Latin American markets.


LatinCo acts as financial advisor through all phases of a purchase, sale, or consolidation transaction, from the offering memorandum to closing the deal.


  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Sales Development via Strategic Resellers
  • Business Development via Join-Ventures
  • Green-Field Operations
  • Investment Banking
  • Export Sales Development